Origin of Doryoku

Besides learning self-defense, it also promotes a wholesome and holistic karate-style approach that will increase motor skill, instill discipline, build confidence and gain a calm and alert mind.

Mission statement: To train and acquire a complete and wholesome trait of a martial artist.

Vision statement: To add fun & practical skills in learning karate.


Osu! Welcome to Ashihara Karate Singapore. This style of karate has been noted as the most practical and logical  karate in the world. It is practiced by thousands around the world and still  counting! Ashihara Karate was founded in Singapore by  Shihan Shi Zhen Guang and Shihan Tong Wai on the 5th of September  1985. After many years of involvement the organisation splintered and this Doryoku organisation is now led by Sensei Leslie Ng and Catherine Chong, and is affiliated to Ashihara Karate International (AKI) led by Kaicho Hoosain Narker based in South Africa.