Kaicho Hoosain Narker

ikaicho-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

Hoosain Narker, the International Director for Ashihara Karate, started his Martial Arts career in 1974 as a ten year old. Prior to his introduction to the Ashihara Way, he has experienced various other martial arts.

He was certified by the founder of Ashihara Karate in March of 1985 as an official branch representative and as such is one of the few original certified instructors actively promoting the style.

He has traveled the World Over in training and teaching this unique brand of Karate. Whilst not tournament oriented, he has competed with distinction in numerous championships. He holds Dan ranking in Kyokushinkai, Goju Ryu & Taekwondo

Kaicho continues to teach classes on a full time basis in Cape Town, South Africa, from where he oversees the International Ashihara Karate Organisation.